The BBC Good Food Show Goody Bag

BBC Good Food Show goody bag

If you attend a trade show or any other type of big exhibition, it is often an expensive day out. Not only do the tickets sometimes cost a fair bit, but you also end up tempted to buy everything you see on all the stalls and stands. I went to the BBC Good Food Show this year, which was an amazing day out. I went home laden with bags of new foods and drinks I wanted to try out. Everything is displayed so wonderfully and you get to talk to so many passionate brands about their products that you really feel excited to buy things.

This year, we came home with a bulging free goody bag from the BBC Good Food Show. We wouldn’t have known about this if we hadn’t studied the programme on the day. It wasn’t really advertised anywhere else, and I expect many people ended up leaving the show without one which would have been a shame as it was absolutely jam-packed with lovely items.

BBC Good Food Show goody bag

Every person there could get one, so Sean and I got one each. They were giving them out in the corridor outside the main halls where the show was taking place, so people who walked past just happened to notice the queue and went to grab one.

BBC Good Food Show goody bag

BBC Good Food Show goody bag

Make sure you study the event guide on the day if you attend anything as there are always freebies to be had, not to mention competitions and giveaways to enter at these types of shows. Although we couldn’t really carry much more we made a beeline for the goody bags once we noticed they were there to be taken away!


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    June 5, 2017 at 4:49 am

    That looks amazing! I love coconut water

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