10 Things You Could Be Selling On eBay Now

Unless you’re a ruthless declutterer, the chances are you have items in your house right now that you either don’t want, don’t use or don’t need. We all tend to accumulate things like this over time.There are easily 10 unused or unwanted items in your house right now which could be selling on eBay and making you money! Wy not sell your stuff on eBay and make some money from it? It’s easy to do, and means you will have some extra cash in your bank account within a week.

Despite being a reseller who buys things to sell on eBay, I still occasionally grab a shopping bag and make my way round the house. There are certain things you might be surprised to learn are actually very popular on eBay.

Here’s how to find 10 things in your own house that you could be selling on eBay right now.

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Cups & Mugs

Yes, that’s right. That coffee mug gathering dust on the kitchen counter might serve you better by being sold. We all tend to reach for our favourites when it comes to mugs, and usually have a few lying around that never get used. Believe it or not, certain kinds of mugs sell very well on eBay. I have sold mugs from Cadbury’s, Nestle, Guinness, Heinz and lots of other household brands for up to £10 each. Many people collect these pieces of memorabilia and go to eBay to find them. You might also have a few mugs lying around worth more than that; check the bottoms of them for the brand’s or designer’s name and have a search on eBay to see what they go for. You might be surprised!

DIY Materials

Leftover wallpaper rolls, vinyl floor tile packs, bags of zip ties, an old sink…all things I have sold on eBay recently. If you’ve recently done any sort of redecoration or renovation, you’ll probably have plenty of unused items left over. Some people are looking for that one roll of wallpaper they need to complete a room, or a bargain sink for their new bathroom. Lots of these things can be posted out, and the larger ones can be collection only.


This one is kind of obvious, but sometimes we need a bit of a reminder about that dress we bought last year that’s never been worn and is still in the back of the wardrobe! Have a quick look through your wardrobe and pull out anything you haven’t worn in the last year. Used clothing is a big market on eBay, and items that are new with tags will get a higher price. Be realistic about whether you will ever wear a certain item again. Chances are, you won’t if you’ve not worn it in a year. Someone else will want it.


Most of us throw out our old shoes, but don’t. No matter the condition, someone will buy them! But again, if it’s something you don’t wear any more, sell it. This applies to shoes. They could be worn once and never again because you found them so uncomfortable. Perhaps you bought a pair to go with a specific outfit for an event, but you’ll never wear them again. Perhaps you have more than one of the same type of shoe, and find it unnecessary. Shoes sell very well on eBay. I find that Skechers, Moshulu, FitFlops and other slightly more expensive brands are very popular.


You don’t need gold, silver and diamonds to make money from selling jewellery on eBay. Costume jewellery sells very well. It should be in good condition. Statement necklaces, sets of bangles, or just a job lot of lots of different items you’ll never wear can all be sold. Have a sort through and only keep your favourite pieces.

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DVDs sell very well on eBay, are easy to list and just as easy to post in a jiffy bag. They are also inexpensive to post as they usually fit in to Royal Mail’s Large Letter size slot. Box sets are also a good thing to sell. If you have watched a film once and have no inclination to watch it again, I find it’s a good idea to sell it on to someone else.


Books are still popular even in this e-reader day and age. Children’s books sell particularly well. Be sure to describe the condition accurately. A full series of books (as in the full collection of Harry Potter books) will fetch a higher price than each book being sold individually as people will sometimes buy these as gifts. Do a little research in to what has sold on eBay recently to work out which of your books will fetch the most money. Personally, I love seeing books in my home as it gives a really cosy feel, but I do often have a clear out of some of them, and some can be worth quite a lot. Textbooks sell very well, for example.


Like DVDs, CDs are still popular and are so easy to post. With the decline in high street music stores these days, it’s sometimes hard to track down certain albums. There will always be a market for music, and many people prefer to keep the physical CD rather than an MP3 file (my other half included – he has hundreds of CDs). If you can live without it, sell it. Don’t forget to check your car’s glove box – there might be some old ones lurking in there!


Raid your bathroom cabinets for new and unopened toiletries. Perhaps you were given a load of gift sets at Christmas that you’ll never get round to using up. There might be some more expensive brands in there that you’re not too fussed about. Unused samples and travel kits are also a good thing to sell. I have even collected a huge lot of those sachets they give away free inside magazines and then sold the lot in one go when I’ve amassed a good pile of them. You can also sell used toiletries! Certain things like used makeup are not allowed. However, if it’s a shampoo you used once and hated, you can sell it as a used item (just be honest about the condition and list it as used). Honestly, if it’s a good brand and a good price, someone will buy it from you.

Toys & Games

Board games are big business on eBay, and I’ve sold more Trivial Pursuits than I can recall. You also might have something really rare lurking in that games cabinet at home. Classic games, vintage toys, and anything Disney-themed are good options for a quick sale. We also sell many cuddly toys. They can be with or without tags. Teddy bears, dinosaurs, Toy Story figures, dolls of any kind….these will be bought for children or for adults if they are collectors of certain things. Grab anything in good condition that you’re not attached to and pop it straight on eBay.

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So there you have it – 10 items you could be selling on eBay today. An hour spent photographing and listing these items you don’t want or need will be well spent when the cash comes in.

Check out my eBay Selling Tips For Beginners if you’re new to eBay selling, or just want to find out a few of the essential things I do to help increase my eBay sales. I’m now a business seller on eBay; check out my first income report here to see how much I was able to sell in my first month.

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